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TPSC Cloud Safety & Quality

Patient Safety | Healthcare Integrity | Reduced Risk  

TPSC Cloud is a quality and risk management platform that provides a framework for collecting and analysing safety and quality data with a view to implementing real-world improvements that increase patient safety.

TPSC's mapping tools enable the seamless migration of your existing data to ensure continuity against EQUIP or ISO Standards, and allows for new longitudinal analysis of your data following implementation.

Patients, clients and visitors can quickly report incidents or near-misses through a simple to complete online form that can be accessed via a desktop or mobile device. Incident management facilitates the improvement process by supporting internationally recognised analytical methods to analyse the event.


How Will TPSC Cloud Benefit My Organisation?

Identify Process Weaknesses through Incident Management

  • Report and analyse incidents
  • Identify, analyse and optimise risks and weaknesses in existing processes
  • Reduce risks for patients and staff
  • Improve process and overall quality

Flexible and Secure

  • Configure each component of the software to the specific needs of your organisation
  • Build unique workflows and follow any process
  • Allow employee access to relevant files and processes

Actively Listen and Respond to Feedback

  • Improve the quality and service of your healthcare organisation by responding to feedback collected from patients, visitors or third parties.
  • Transform a negative into a positive through responsive and accurate handling of issues and complaints
  • Monitor feedback and progress on improvement actions

Improve Perceived Quality of Care through Satisfaction Surveys

  • Measure and assess the quality of care through patient/staff satisfaction surveys
  • Understand the true patient experience from those who pass through the entire care process
  • Gain visibility into less tangible events and issues
  • Observe trends and implement appropriate improvements