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Accurate Reports at Your Fingertips Means One Single Version of the Truth

PPM reports from a consolidated enterprise data warehouse for all your clinical, patient administration and financial data, to deliver consistent and accurate information. The reporting system includes an extensive library of standard reports covering costing, distribution, general ledger, profitability, reconciliation and revenue.

Keep managers and executives informed

PPM's fully automated reporting system generates and distributes reports by email on a preset schedule: daily, weekly, fortnightly or monthly. Managers and executives can view high-level reports and selectively drilldown to more details, enabling them to stay informed and take action as and when required.

Access live reports from anywhere in the world

You can access your history of reports and run live reports through the corporate intranet or through a web browser connected to the Internet from anywhere in the world.  

Reports can be easily opened in other applications through a variety of export formats including RTF and Microsoft Excel.

Enjoy peace of mind with secure data

All costing data is stored in an open SQL database with an available schema for integrating with a hospital data warehouse. Your data is secured by password access, encrypted wireless network transmissions using expiring key authentication, and file level encryption.

Explore and analyse

You can explore and analyse data (using the published schema as a map) using Query Runner, PPM's powerful ad-hoc reporting tool.

Reporting Framework – Australia Only

Standardise State and National Health Authority statutory reporting across all participating hospitals, by setting up a customised reporting framework to process all hospital data through the same validating, mapping or processing steps into submission-ready files.

The Reporting Framework can be set up for each State or National costing study to standardise data submissions across all participating hospitals in a consistent and standardised format. 

Automated processing for consistent quality

Manual analysis and processing can be automated to reduce human error and improve efficiency, highlighting anomalies and errors for diagnosis and correction by costing staff. The system methodically ploughs through the voluminous data in a structured way for all participating hospitals, resulting in a high-quality consistent outcome.




PPM is particularly cost effective.

The web-based reporting solution provides all managers with online and timely reporting, and we are particularly pleased to be using the PPM product.
Peter Hutchinson, Chief Financial Officer, Eastern Health

The VCDC system is an excellent auditing tool that methodically performs quality checks on the myriad aspects of our data.

The detailed error reporting pinpoints problem areas for me to troubleshoot, promoting quick resolution of errors. In preparing and mapping my data to the cost data submission specifications, the VCDC allows me to concentrate on cost analysis rather than spending time preparing files for department submissions.
Adam King, Activity Based Funding Manager, Northern Health