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Improve Patient Safety with CHADx

The PPM CHADx module allows you to produce your own in house data and automatically identify encounters with preventable incidents. You can then use this data to quantify their treatment cost.

Calculate the Cost of Preventable Incidents

  • Put a price on preventable adverse incidents by using PPM to cost these encounters.
  • Benchmark this cost against the cost of similar encounters without hospital- acquired complications, to calculate the additional cost your hospital is experiencing due to preventable incidents.

Improve Patient Safety

  • Use the cost of preventable incidents to engage your clinicians and safety coordinators and increase awareness of system-wide hospital-acquired complications
  • Use the identified encounters and their CHADx classes as a broad safety screen to design targeted approaches to reducing hospital acquired complications, improving patient safety and reducing hospital costs.

Reduce Hospital Costs

  • As a small number of DRGs account for a large proportion of hospital-acquired complications, targetting these can effectively reduce costs.



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