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Activity Based Funding (ABF)

Business Rulesets For Calculating ABF

PowerHealth Solutions has developed a single Business Ruleset for calculating all Activity Based Funding for encounters. The Business Rulesets are imported into the PPM Rules Engine and run against costing datasets in PowerPerformance Manager. PowerHealth Solutions will also develop specific models for your region or territory on request.


Fully Integrated Data

Unlike the NWAU Excel workbooks which require a lot of manual movement of data. PowerHealth Solutions’ ABF model calculates the NWAU funding directly using data already in the database with just a few button clicks.

Activity Based Funding Rulesets are streamlined

Automatically calculates the funding for each encounter directly from the PPM database. The process automates the IHPA logic to calculate NWAU on the data already in the PPM database.

Compare Funding vs Cost

The ABF Ruleset enables hospitals to compare funding against costs at the DRG and encounter level and identify where they have made gains and losses.

Identify Areas for Improvement

By understanding the costs down to the encounter and service level, hospitals can identify the highest cost buckets and what contributes to these. With this information, informed decisions about where improvement is required can be made. 



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