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PowerPerformance Manager - PPM

Increase Analysis | Target Profitability | Focus on Quality

PowerPerformance Manager (PPM) is a web-based system that calculates hospital service delivery costs, integrating private and public funding revenue, therefore providing accurate reports easily and regularly.

As a hospital administrator, you will always have your finger on the pulse of financial flow through your institution, with accurate reports at your fingertips.

Traditionally, little emphasis has been given to the profitability of delivering healthcare. But times have changed. The ability to understand and manage expenditure is now vital to the ongoing delivery of quality healthcare in the community.  

PPM is the essential tool for efficient healthcare management, providing an intuitive and easy-to use system that supports task-oriented processing.


How will PPM Benefit my Organisation? 

Increase Analysis

With PPM’s short implementation time, ease of setup and ongoing processing, you have more time to spend on analysing output rather than system maintenance. You can easily set up new patient data source systems without technical help from PHS, and PPM’s scheduler automates the data processing.

Target Profitability

PPM’s detailed patient level costing and revenue data enables patient level profitability analysis, allowing the hospital to target those areas needing attention. The transparent costing setup easily tracks the source of costs, and revenue amounts can be calculated within the system or imported from outside sources.

Focus on Quality

With the focus on quality outcomes as well as costs, PPM enables you to report patient incidents using data from a patient safety and incident system, or using internally generated data such as the Classification of Hospital Acquired Diagnoses (CHADx) and Hospital Acquired Complications (HAC).

Intuitive Interface

PPM’s intuitive Windows interface with visual controls makes it easy to navigate and provides an instant view of processing progress with status indicators so that you use your time effectively. The Task Dashboard enables monitoring of individual tasks and the ability to drill-down to processing details, alerting you to changes that need your attention.

Client Testimonials

Instead of facing many days of processing, I find myself ready to go straight into data analysis on Monday morning.

Previously, we processed our data every 6 months to report on the Cost Weight Study and on high level reports, and we spent 4 weeks each year doing that. Now we report on a weekly basis and this is a HUGE improvement for us at St Vincent's.
St Vincent's Hospital — Helen Rizzoli, Health Information Manager

PPM Case Studies

Cabrini Health needed to understand their revenue and profitability to gain an edge in Hospital Purchaser-Provider Agreement (HPPA) price negotiations with private health insurance funds. 

PPM Rulesets enabled Cabrini Health to accurately predict their future revenue and quantify private health fund provision options and price changes, to ensure optimum financial health.

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PPM Key Features