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Electronic Claims

Automatically Generate Electronic Claims To Relevant Health Agencies

The Electronic Claims module submits the claims and accepts payments electronically, speeding up the billing cycle from weeks to days and greatly improving cash flow.

Verifications & Eligibility Checks

Performs online eligibility checks and verifications on patients prior to electronic claim submissions to reduce rejections.


Generates authorisation forms with all relevant details ready for patient signature. Claims are then electronically lodged with health agencies and private health funds on behalf of the patient.

Scanned Documents

Enables scanning of external documents relevant to the patient (such as identification cards, signed authorisation forms and certificates) for reference and reprinting.

Claim Submission

Automatically checks and submits electronic claims at scheduled intervals (eg 5 minutes).


Automatically processes electronic receipts from health agencies and private health funds. Claims that have not been paid in full are presented for user management.


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