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Accounts Receivable

PBRC's accounts receivable functionality provides automatic or manual receipting and debt management on an enterprise-wide basis.

Payment Options

PBRC accepts payments in person, online or by post in many forms such as:

  • Electronic payments (BPAY, PayPal)
  • Cards (EFTPOS, VISA, Mastercard, Amex, debit cards, smartcards)
  • Cheque, cash and money order

Centralised or Decentralised Receipting

Front office cashiers within any department or hospital can accept in-person payments irrespective of where treatment was delivered. Invoice barcodes can be scanned to speed up the receipting process.

Monthly Statements

PBRC generates monthly summary statements for services received per debtor. These reminders include a concise overview of unpaid invoices, helping to keep debtors informed of their account status.

Debt Recovery

Invoice reminders are issued automatically, and Debt Recovery Standard Reports are used to monitor and assist debt recovery actions.

Debt Management

Batch write-offs automatically or manually clear small balances in bulk. Other balances can be written-off following an authorisation process.

Corporate and Sundry Debtors

PBRC accepts payments for non-clinical services from corporate debtors to supplement the primary revenue stream from inpatient and outpatient clinical treatments.

Transaction Thresholds

Enables additional security through the assignment of user transaction thresholds, eg cash refunds, adjustments, receipt cancellations, to users. When the transaction amount exceeds a user's threshold, the transaction is halted until password authorisation is received from a supervisor.

End-of-day Cash Management

Features cashier reconciliation and bank batching as built-in standard functions.


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