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PowerBilling & Revenue Collection - PBRC

Increase Revenue | Reduce Costs | Reduce Unrecovered Debt

PowerBilling & Revenue Collection (PBRC) is a highly automated system that integrates with patient management and clinical systems to generate invoices using local billing rules.

PBRC is an enterprise-level patient billing system specifically designed for the healthcare industry. It connects to your existing operational systems, gathering service data to support real-time hospital billing therefore automating the billing process.

A Proven Solution for Healthcare Billing

If you are losing revenue or encountering payment delay through inefficient and labour-intensive billing systems or struggling to keep up with government policies and public and private health cover options, then you will know the headaches associated with billing and revenue collection.


How Will PBRC Benefit My Organisation?

Increase Revenue

PBRC reduces manual processes, minimises rejections and correctly captures and identifies billable services, providing you with multiple opportunities to increase revenues across your organisation.

Reduce Costs

PBRC’s centralised billing system (with a single support fee) utilises an extensive array of built-in system checks and automated processes to increase efficiency and reduce labour costs.

Reduce Unrecovered Debt

PBRC provides you with the opportunity to change billing practices and reduce un-recoverable debt. With online prompts and reminders to alert staff to outstanding debts, debt collection activities can begin at the reception desk when the patient arrives for their next treatment.

Improve Data Integrity

PBRC utilises tables, rules and automated checking to dramatically reduce errors arising from manual data entry.

Client Testimonials

PBRC has enhanced our internal processes and has reduced our paperwork flow.

Our work is now less manually intensive and the online activity is great for communication.
Revenue Services Staff, Greater Southern Area Health Service, NSW Health

PBRC is an incredible product.

One of the most impressive features of the product is the worklists, which help to reduce rejections, improve business process work flow and increase revenue.
Remona Lee, Project Manager, Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre

PBRC Case Studies

Peter Mac Cancer Centre wanted to stop revenue leakage and improve performance. When external consultants recommended an enterprise billing system, Peter Mac decided on the PowerHealth (PHS) PowerBilling & Revenue Collection (PBRC) system, based on a similar hospital’s experience of ROI within the first year.

With PBRC, PeterMac were able to significantly improve billing efficiency, reducing 75% of manual tasks and reducing the inpatient submission-to-recovery period from seven weeks to one. Read the Case Study to find out more.

View Case Study


PBRC Key Features