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Reduce cycle times by 70%

With the PBFM Planning module, you can anticipate change and predict the future and reduce cycle times by 70%.

PBFM's planning functionality automates budgeting, forecasting, modelling, reporting, and analysis, combining a proven financial modelling engine with powerful, flexible features and an easy-to-use interface with drag-and-drop functionality.

Budgeting and Forecasting

Reduce budgeting and forecasting cycle times by up to 70%.


Perform 'what-if' scenarios at all levels of complexity, including activity modelling designed by you for your specific needs.

Workforce Planning

Enables complex calculations of workforce rosters, on-costs and awardsm with its intuitive data entry interface.

Revenue Planning

Project revenue, including activity based funding.

Capital Asset Planning

Use configurable sheets designed by you to capture assets and depreciation.

Cashflow Planning

Manage and minimise financial risk, and perform 'what-if' analyses.

Rolling Forecasts

Continuously optimize decision-making with frequent rolling forecasts.


Make it easy for managers to submit, approve, and reject plans, including reminders and progress computaion of budgeting process.

PPM Integration

Enhance clinical engagement by linking revenue and costs at the patient level.


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