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Enable Modelling And Budgeting Of Activities At The Patient Level

A powerful integration platform connects in-house and cloud applications, providing a comprehensive range of connectors to leading ERP, proprietary and data warehouse sources. It’s easier than ever before to turn data into insight. PBFM connects to PowerHealth’ PPM costing software to enable modelling and budgeting of activities at the patient level.

Connect to Your Data

Wherever your data resides, with PBFM's data integration functionality you can connect to it. Quickly and easily import data from GL, ERP, CRM, HR systems and data warehouses, in-house or in the cloud.


Automated data import/export with any data source; ideal for frequently refreshed data.

PPM Costing Data Integration

Link safety and quality, performance and cost to improve patient outcomes and organisational performance.

Excel, CSV Import

Import/export data via Excel or flat files; ideal for monthly uploads.

Web Services API (Application Program Interface)

Design and implement your own automated integration to PBFM products.

Sample of Connectors

PBFM has integrated with more than 75 GL and enterprise systems.


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