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Understand Past and Present with Performance Measurement

Visually uncover insights into financial and operational performance. Intuitive dashboards, interactive scorecards, and even ‘what-if’ modelling make it easy for every business user to analyse results and trends. PBFM's virtually unlimited scaling capabilities offer fast performance and flexibility.

Visual Analytics

PBFM's dashboarding functionality is designed for use by executives, line-of-business managers and finance - not just IT.

It delivers unprecedented capability to drill down and across multi-dimensional data, and to use simple menu selections to view trend lines and other analytical views such as waterfall and control charts, with no programming required.

Visual Discovery & Analysis Software

Interact with intuitive charts and sophisticated analytics, navigating quickly across different levels of data, using the flexible options for drilling down and across data.


Use data storytelling to explain what's happening, using shared notes to attach explanations to data and call users' attention to issues with zones and alerts.

Visual Designer

Use drag-and-drop to create and edit charts and dashboards.



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