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Reimaging the Costing Experience



PowerPerformance Manager (PPM) continues to lead the healthcare costing market with PowerHealth unveiling its latest offering, PPM3, providing hospitals the greatest costing and analytics functionality available worldwide.

Covid has exacerbated the complexity for providers associated with managing access to care, cost of care and quality of care.  PPM3 has been developed with an emphasis on delivering timely information and analytics to assist providers with a comprehensive performance reporting solution, supporting customers to extract value from complex data sets and enable peer to peer benchmarking against normalised data and KPIs.  

This entirely new release of PPM focuses on visualisation, benchmarking, analytics, integration, allocation methodologies and offering easy provisioning of the solution via the cloud, all important tools to support agile decision making.

Key features include;

Expanded Visualisation 

PowerHealth have dedicated significant resources to building expanded data visualisation features within PPM3, all delivered inside the product, exactly where needed when configuring or analysing costs.

Each visualisation can be included in a dashboard, or even embedded in PPM screens – ensuring that you always have immediate access to information for the task at hand.

A refined interface and expanded visual library with over 20 different types of visualisation components including 3D Heat Maps, Charts, Trend Lines, Queries and Timelines, ensures all sites can personalise their dashboards and reporting to their specific needs to get the most out of the rich data PPM makes available.



Benchmarking has always been at the heart of PPM, but with the new release we have made it easy to include external data sources and compare your results. Now, whether benchmarking internally, to IHPA, to your jurisdictions health department, or to a third party it is even easier to load the data (automatically or from a provided file) and then compare these benchmarks to data internal to PPM.

In addition, standard benchmarking setups are provided with the product such as internal profitability between Specialties, Hospitals, comparisons to IHPA, etc and these can easily be customised to any other benchmarking data source.


One of the most exciting features of the new PPM3 platform is its PowerAnalytics module.

The PowerAnalytics offering consists of dashboards and reports for executive leadership, operational management, specialty and front-line staff.  There are over 100 KPI’s grouped into performance areas with a focus on clinical safety balanced with flow of funds.  The solution is designed to leverage the PowerHealth PPM data set to accelerate deployment and the delivery of actionable insights for our customers, and will be made available to PPM3 customers later this month.

Our Advanced Analytics suite can integrate large volumes of disparate data across the care continuum in a secure and scalable environment, supporting your organisation with interoperability, identifying capacity constraints and population health trends, enabling faster and better decision making. The solutions also support clinicians in improving patient outcomes and experiences, and enhancing clinician awareness and engagement.

PBRC to PPM Integration

PowerHealth clients with PowerBilling and Revenue Collection (PBRC) can now enjoy integration from PBRC into PPM. The great news is;

  • Its automatic so sites don’t need to do anything to implement it
  • Because PBRC is interfaced real time to their hospital systems, the integration into PPM can be configured to near real time
  • PPM users are able to source more than just Revenue data from their PBRC instance – Patients, Encounters, Coding, Services, Transfers, as well as Revenue are all easy to source with a single Linked Server type

Algorithmic Methodologies

PPM has long supported more than just simply using weights for allocating costs.

With the newest version the available allocation methodologies has been taken to the next level. Utilise a complete formula builder to allow changing cost absorption based on any field looked up into custom tables.

This allows:

  • Changing absorption based on day and night shift
  • Considering Phase of Care in the allocation
  • Leveraging any numeric clinical information as a cost driver
  • Utilising any categorical clinical field as a lookup into a custom weighting table

PPM already had the most flexible allocation methodologies on the market but with this new formula builder you have unlimited ways to ensure your costs accurately reflect what occurs in your organisation.

Deployment Options

PPM has long supported a huge number of deployment options, whether on premise, private cloud, or public cloud. These options continue to be fully supported – however, in addition we support deployment as SaaS for sites conducting costing studies or not wanting to maintain the PPM environment themselves.

Find Out More

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