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Mobile Distraction at Eastern Health


NEWS RELEASE: The Launch of PBRC Mobile 

Mobile phone distraction is not usually considered positive, but it was quite the opposite this week at Eastern Health when a life-size mobile phone was used to divert attention to their latest billing initiative.

Marina Hocking, Project Manager, Single Billing System, Eastern Health noted “Whilst billing is not usually considered a light-hearted topic, our billing team decided to add an element of fun to launch our newest development.

“We are excited to have worked with the team at PowerHealth to be the first to offer our clinicians mobile functionality to capture services accurately at the time of consultation” Ms Hocking said.

This latest billing initiative stems from the recent implementation of PowerBilling and Revenue Collection (PBRC) across the Eastern Health network, seeing one enterprise-wide billing system introduced to replace 16 billing systems, bringing about positive change for both patients and staff, along with increases in revenue capture.

“Whilst early days for PBRC at Eastern Health, results are positive. During the formation of the Business case, a review of existing system and process capability led us to forecast that 6% of revenue was not raised due to process and system complexity. Already revenue leakage for Inpatient revenue has been solved, significantly exceeding the year 1 and 2 business case estimate” Ms Hocking said.

PowerHealth Director Brett Michael praised the team at Eastern Health for their progressive attitude noting, “Eastern Health can be commended for launching a new enterprise-wide billing system in a COVID-19 world, with a project team which transitioned to full working from home. Their continued drive to improve operational efficiency is energising and we are delighted to have partnered with them to launch PBRC mobile” Mr Michael said.

A team of clinicians at Eastern Health have worked closely on this project to ensure its functionality best meets their needs.

Craig Trenfield, Director of Financial Services at Eastern Health said,  “The system also links to a single source of truth, which means patient records are always up to date, creating an increased level of billing control for Clinicians. The ease and convenience of PBRC mobile is already creating administration efficiencies, and this will only increase as we roll out PBRC Mobile across all our Senior Consultants. Reducing data entry and paperwork is certainly welcomed.

“In mid 2022, Eastern Health will be excited to see the benefit of integrating our clinical roster information with PBRC which will further assist clinicians using PBRC mobile to easily record the services for all the patients they are rostered to see” Mr Trenfield said.


Contact our PBRC team if you would like more information.