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Agile Decision Making via the Info-Gestion project in Quebec

The Info-Gestion project is an information tool built by PowerHealth to quickly analyse data and support agile decision making. Implemented in Quebec’s health and social services network in order to fulfil a specific management need expressed by the Ministry of Health and Social Services (MSSS), this centralised database makes it possible to quickly access information about the capacity of available hospital beds, especially with regards to critical care, and to identify beds in “hot” zones. Information is updated on a daily basis and accessible via a dashboard.

Decision makers now have a province-wide picture that will help them make informed management decisions during peak periods, such as what was experienced with the COVID-19 pandemic. Info-Gestion is the first database to automatically collect information on bed management in hospital settings in Quebec. Previously, this collection was done manually and each institution was responsible for submitting its data to the Ministry, leading to a huge diversity of information systems and input practices, and revealing the necessity of standardising them to streamline processing. 

This project has resulted in the establishment of a Steering Committee for the capture and identification of referenced values to make them more readily understandable to hospital admissions teams. Also, in order to meet departmental needs, a mapping table has been set up within the PPM submission system. This tool collects essential bed management data that is not directly reflected in the Admission-Departure-Transfer – ADT – systems). Info-Gestion uses the infrastructure of the CPSS Project (Projet de coût par parcours de soins et de services), which has been successfully implemented and is used to calculate the cost per care and service trajectory in Quebec healthcare institutions.