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The CPSS-COVID Project:

An Shaping Tool for Effective Management of the Pandemic in Quebec

The CPSS-COVID Project uses the CPSS infrastructure to automate the daily transmission of data needed to manage this unprecedented health crisis. Sourced from more than 500 databases and 30 healthcare establishments, the data is submitted to a centralised store at the Ministry of Health and Social Services (MSSS).

This project aims at extracting the related data from the most widely used source systems across the healthcare and social services network. Five specific areas were targeted: Wards and Beds, Admissions, Theatre, Imaging and Outpatients. The objective is to allow the MSSS to easily have a daily picture of the situation and the healthcare establishments’ capacity. This project will also make it possible to quantify the impact of the pandemic on the level of activity and better plan its recovery.

The bulk of this project was completed quickly—in 16 weeks—thanks to the involvement of more than 30 experts from PowerSanté and its business partners, thus respecting the agreed deadline. The delivery was made by frequent iterations to allow the MSSS to benefit from the observations on the data produced by our teams during the validation stages.

PowerSanté has been working jointly with the MSSS and healthcare establishments to promote the standardisation and use of the data extracted for the benefit of the population in this unprecedented situation.

To ensure the success and sustainability of this project, PowerSanté will offer a support service to the MSSS in the coming months to maximise the use of their centralised database.