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CPSS: A Major Advancement in the Management of Healthcare in Quebec


The CPSS Portal is a user-friendly tool that enables province-wide analysis and comparison of financial and clinical data. It is currently used in 30 healthcare establishments, as well as by the Ministry of Health and Social Services. In Quebec, each healthcare establishment brings together different care facilities, which poses a challenge in the analysis of standardised data.

With the Portal and its detailed graphics, it is now possible to analyse data on short stays, day surgery, emergency department as well as outpatient visits. Users can now query data by selecting different indicators that will provide, for instance, the average encounter costs with a surgical procedure or primary diagnosis. Beyond costs, the Portal also offers some quality-of-care indicators, providing insight to improve care and services while promoting evidence-based decision-making. This tool will also promote the identification of areas for improvement and help initiate discussions about best medical practices.

Available since December 2019, the Portal now features complete data for four fiscal years. It will continue to be populated independently by healthcare establishments as their work surrounding costing is completed each fiscal year.

With the implementation of the CPSS Project and its Portal, Quebec has made a giant step forward managing healthcare with this tool, an initiative that could inspire other provinces in Canada.