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Healthcare asset management enables staff to deliver better quality care at lower cost

Healthcare systems are constantly plagued with new challenges, from compliance to automating manual processes and meeting reporting obligations simply with analytics. PowerHealth are excited to extend their cost savings opportunities for clients through the introduction of Infor Enterprise Management Software (EAM) for Healthcare.

EAM is designed specifically to provide healthcare organisations with the asset management functions they need to improve performance, increase savings, assist with compliance to regulations and provide quality care with one integrated system in the cloud. EAM looks to automate everyday functions, helping to free-up hospital and maintenance staff to focus on more mission-critical tasks.

The Healthcare edition was developed specifically for the industry by a team of experienced hospital engineers and includes asset management, work management and project management tools to help healthcare organisations operate more efficiently and effectively.


Recognised Business Benefits include:

  • Significant savings in purchasing and inventory through the consolidation of process and asset management across locations and existing maturity levels
  • Substantially improved asset performance leading to reduced downtimes, increased useful life of many critical assets and delayed capital investments
  • Increased compliance through the monitoring and auditing of assets
  • Faster resolution of issues with the ability to communicate incidents and allocate human and material resources

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