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Power Points Newsletter

Aug 2017

A Word from Patrick

Well what a fantastic financial year it’s been! New PPM, PBRC and Datix clients ranging from places as far away as Qatar and Saudi to NZ and country Victoria. A great reference site in the Alfred for our new hospital wayfinding application PowerNav, and of course a big win in Quebec, Canada for the deployment of PPM across a province of 8.6 million people.

Quebec is very important for PPM as it not only provides for the implementation of PPM across the province, but also for PHS to utilise the resulting information from PPM to deliver efficiencies across the system. This requirement moves PPM to another level. What will result from this project are algorithms, methodologies, reports and analysis that will become stock standard within the PPM application and available to all users in years to come. It is a game changer!

So as we start a new financial year, I wish you a great year to come and look forward to an ever growing successful partnership between PHS, its employees—who are the backbone of our success—and our clients.

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