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SAI Global endorses PowerHealth Solutions quality management system

8 May 2014

SAI Global has conducted its annual review of the PowerHealth Solutions quality management system and endorsed its continuing compliance with the ISO9001:2008 standard. Quality auditor Stuart Platt confirmed that the management system continues to be core to PHS operations, which can be evidenced by its continued refinement and improvement.

Since PowerHealth Solutions was first awarded the ISO9001 quality certification in 2000, the company has grown significantly in both structure and size, including the introduction of a Board of Management and rearrangement of middle management.

SAI Global quality auditor Stuart Platt praised the quality system, saying, It is not uncommon for a quality management system to fail during periods of major change and business growth. This can be caused by management attention being deflected from the ongoing maintenance of the system. This was not the case at PowerHealth Solutions and it is pleasing to observe that the quality system is sufficiently robust and has been provided with adequate resourcing and attention to continue to support the business.

In the last 12 months, the PHS quality infrastructure has been especially effective in supporting a new business partnership with UK company Datix, implementation of two statewide Datix systems, and the major implementation of a PBRC billing system overseas at a national health level.

In addition, when the company moved premises in January 2014, the project planning and infrastructure planning was of such high quality that the move was conducted smoothly without any issues, including IT resources.

PHS Quality Manager Debbie Thomas said, "We strive for quality and professionalism at PowerHealth Solutions to deliver quality products and consistent support service to our clients. Our annual external audits confirm that every year we are further improving all aspects of our internal quality processes."


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