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PowerHealth showcases software solutions at APHA

3 March 2014

PowerHealth Solutions is proud to be sponsoring the Australian Private Hospital Association 33rd National Congress in Brisbane 23-25 March 2014, to showcase its Costing, Revenue, Billing and Patient Safety software solutions.

Since 1995, PowerHealth Solutions has been in the business of helping hospitals deliver the highest quality care at the lowest operational cost. We specialise in patient costing, patient billing and patient safety systems, which all work towards hospital efficiency.


PowerHealth Solutions can help private hospitals run more efficiently as businesses by using service, patient and general ledger data to calculate the real costs of service delivery. Our PowerPerformance Manager (PPM) system provides fine-grained costing information that can be rolled up to any required higher level. This provides solid evidence to support executives in making strategic business decisions, such as identifying under-performing areas.


PowerPerformance Manager (PPM) can also quantify terms & conditions and policy provisions to provide a clear understanding of private hospital revenue and profitability from specific health insurance funds. This information gives private hospitals a strategic edge in price negotiations at annual Hospital Purchaser-Provider Agreement meetings, which directly impacts annual revenue.


Our PowerBilling & Revenue Collection patient billing system consolidates separate departmental billing systems and automates manual processes to save on operating costs. This fully integrated system is electronically linked to source clinical systems to automatically receive notification of all service delivery and generate invoices.

This overcomes the problem with fragmented billing systems and manual processes that are routinely not collecting their full revenue entitlement through missed billing. By implementing our enterprise billing system, you not only save on operating costs, but you also increase your revenue by plugging existing revenue leakage.

Patient Safety

Our Datix patient safety solution has been proven internationally in the UK, Europe, United States, Canada and the Middle East. In Australia, SA Health is using Datix to provide 24x7 incident reporting, and achieve significant cost savings (by eliminating the need for a call centre) as well as improved functionality.

Datix is very easy to use, which smooths the process of collecting input from everyone involved in the service delivery process. Hospital administration can then identify and take action to prevent adverse incidents and reduce risks.

Datix also provides complaints handling, claims management, patient feedback, quality & safety accreditation/standards, safety alerts and hotspots.


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