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PowerHealth Solutions introduces Datix to Aged Care Industry

20 October 2014

PowerHealth Solutions has introduced the Datix Safety Solution at the Leading Age Services Australia (LASA) National Congress held in Adelaide 20-22 October 2014, as the system is eminently suited to aged care facilities.

Datix is internationally recognised and used in Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, Europe, the United States, Canada, and the Middle East. Datix is widely used in the United Kingdom and has been adopted by the UK's largest independent health care age care provider, Four Seasons Health Care.

Four Seasons Health Care has successfully implemented the Datix Incident Reporting, Complaints Handling and Accreditation Compliance modules. The Datix Systems Coordinator at Four Seasons Health Care Haydn Williams explains that, "Datix is a far cry from the old system where data was manually input into a series of spreadsheets."

Incident Reporting

Datix's Incident Reporting was universally embraced at Four Seasons because of the simplicity of the system. Four Seasons used this module to create a consistent resident safety framework across the expanding and diversifying organisation.

Accreditation Compliance

Especially relevant to the aged care industry is the Accreditation Compliance module, which enables aged care providers to demonstrate compliance with both external standards and internal policies. The Datix system provides the ability to assess compliance, collate supporting evidence, and produce action plans to maintain or increase compliance. The evidence within the Datix system is centrally stored and can be regularly updated.

Haydn explains, "Compliance with industry standards such as those laid down by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) is vital to maintaining the highest levels of care whether in a hospital or a private facility. However, organisations in the private sector need to protect their business at all times. Datix helps keep tabs on our performance, providing us with a strategic tool to help us meet CQC standards and protect our reputation."

Complaints Handling

At Four Seasons, Datix provides an automated mechanism for handling complaints across divisions. The system allows the organisation to respond promptly to complaints with generated correspondence as well as identify areas where quality of service could be improved.

Four Seasons sees consistency as the biggest advantage of the Datix system. In a large and dispersed organisation such as Four Seasons with homes from Jersey to Dundee, Northern Ireland to the East Coast of England, accurate, real-time information is vital to running an effective care operation. Datix has encouraged more efficient, consistent ways of working that have been critical during times of change.

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