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PPM & PBRC User Conference Melbourne 9-10th September

4th March 2013

We are very pleased to announce that PowerHealth Solutions will be holding our User Conference in Melbourne this year, on the 9-10th September 2013. Thank you to everyone who provided input to help us come to this decision.

Health Industry Financial Crisis

The Australian health industry has been undergoing tough economic times with budget freezes and public health cuts for some time, as the industry struggled to provide quality care even as costs continued to rise, on top of increased public demand and expectations.

Information technology can unravel the complexities of healthcare administration and simplify the process. It is PowerHealth Solutions’ mission to help hospitals and health departments tackle these financial issues head on.

Patient Costing & Revenue

You can use the PowerPerformance Manager system to:

  • Calculate accurately the true costs of service delivery and use it strategically to excel in the new Activity Based Funding model.
  • Model hospital revenue based on contracts with private health funds and government grants.
  • Use information transparency to motivate clinicians and health units to improve performance.

Enterprise Patient Billing

You can use the PowerBilling & Revenue Collection system to:

  • Save on administrative operational costs by consolidating small departmental patient billing systems into an enterprise billing system
  • Generate more revenue by capitalising on the enterprise billing system to use patients’ private health insurance, and preventing revenue leakage.
  • Drastically improve cash flow by lodging Medicare and private health fund claims electronically, using technology to speed up the billing cycle to receive payments within 2-3 days instead of waiting weeks.


The conference will feature 2 days of presentations from invited speakers and client case studies, as well as hands-on training. All users are invited, as well as those interested in our products.


The cost is minimal at $400 (discounted to $200 for early bird registrations), which includes Monday night’s conference dinner, as well as lunch and am/pm teas during the conference.


Registrations will open in June, on Meanwhile, contact Debbie Thomas on +618 8410 6404 to register your interest.


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