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Theen Moy

Since our last newsletter, we've had 4 new staff join the company - a big welcome to Jared Attard, Chris Marshall, Nguyet Vo, and Simon Schultz. With our friends from PSI iSoft CSC having moved out, the office reshuffle took place in stages once staff returned from their Christmas Break - the first groupof people moved into the empty CSC desks, then the next group moved into their vacated spots, and so on. We ended up with surprisingly few empty desks, which will hopefully allow a bit more growth. 

This year is an even busier one for us than usual, super action-packed with implementations and go-lives. Half our consultants are usually away at any one time, as they are onsite with their clients, which is a very good sign. 

The results are in from the Who's The Baby competition and we have a winner! I've included the photos of the adults next to their baby selves, as well as the incorrect guesses, so that you can have a good time comparing the photos!

We are back from the holidays all refreshed from the break with performance appraisals behind us, ready to provide some Free Training courses to users, ready to present at the Hospital Patient Costing conference, ready for any ADF reserves staff... all in all, we're just ready!

We've had our first Quarterly Event, which was a terrific night out at the Adelaide Fringe with our favourite band, The Deer Johns. Lots of photos of the night. Pam and Adam have put their heads together to report on their concert attendance over the last few months. 

Lots of interesting stories here for you all to read, so Enjoy!

Free Training 2012

We've got some free training organised for users who want to get some time out away from their usual busy environment for 2 dats of concentrated learning in Adelaide. The courses scheduled are PPM2 training 19-20 April, PBRC-AE Super User training in June, and PPM2 Reporting in Sept/Oct. 
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New Performance Appraisal System

We've finished doing our Employee Appraisals, using a brand new system which worked well for us. A big thank you to Amanda Anderson and Vanessa Blackshaw for making it happen seamlessly.
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Supporting Defence Force Reserves

We have put in place procedures to support the Australian Defence Force (ADF) Reserves. We are now equipped to include reservists in our new hires.

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