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PowerHealth Implements New Performance Appraisal System

15 February 2012

PowerHealth Solutions implemented a new web-based Performance Appraisal System early this year. The system provides managers and staff with the ability to securely access their performance information anytime and anywhere, complementing our environmental charter by eliminating the paper chase.

Rating System

The system is used to perform probation appraisals, annual appraisals, goal tracking and allows managers and employees to make ongoing performance notes.

Each employee is assigned a set of performance factors aligned to their role, including 4 core factors for everyone. Each factor is weighted based on importance to the role and the organisation.

Managers rate their employees and employees conduct a self-appraisal using a 5-point rating scale, and then discuss the results in an Appraisal meeting.

Well Received

January saw a flurry of Appraisal Meetings as everyone raced to complete their appraisals to be in time for any resulting pay rises. 

Chief Operating Officer Ms Amanda Anderson was very pleased with the smoothness with which staff adopted the new system. It was great to have the system implemented with no glitches. Everything ran to plan and the February payrun included payrises resulting from the performance appraisals. We have an effective system in place to recognise employee skills and accomplishments based on merit.


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