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News 2012

Entrepreneur of the Year Awards Dinner — Nov 2012 

PowerHealth Solutions staff showed up in force for the Entrepreneur of the Year National Award Ceremony in Sydney, accompanying our Director Patrick Power who was a finalist at the event.

Inspiring Health Costing Excellence with a QA Framework 

A PHS research study to assess the relative quality of cost allocation methodologies (Actual Bed Hours & DRG Weighted Actual Bed Hours) for estimating patient level nursing cost, as compared to the Gold Standard (Excelcare Nursing Feeder System). Authored by Patrick Power, Garth Barnett, Andrew McBride.

PowerHealth Billing Integration Engine Ranked #1 — Jul 2014 

The 2012 Black Book Survey has ranked Infor LAWSON’s CloverLeaf as the best integration engine, selected from a field of 259. The PowerHealth Solutions patient billing software PowerBilling & Revenue Collection (PBRC) uses the CloverLeaf integration engine to link with other hospital systems such as patient administration and clinical systems.

Resolutions Acquires PowerCoding Auditor — Jul 2012 

Resolutions (Int) has acquired the PowerHealth Solutions Clinical Auditing package PowerCoding Auditor, and are taking over all existing client contracts. Resolutions is a long time collaborative partner with PowerHealth Solutions, having worked on many projects together.



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