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Theen Moy

A big hello to all everyone. Pam is taking a break from being Newsletter Editor and Theen is stepping up to take a turn. During the cold and wet months, we have all been working hard to keep our customers happy. We’ve growing again, as more Consultants, Programmers, and Testers have been recruited. This quarter, we welcome Stuart Mead, Kieren Wood, Dale Caon and Christien Mattiassi to our team. Consultants have been flying all over Australia and New Zealand implementing at our growing customer base. PPM consultants have been implementing in Victoria and New Zealand, while PBRC-AE consultants have been implementing in New South Wales and Western Australia. We’re really thrilled that we passed this year’s ISO 9001 surveillance audit with flying colours. One of our main strengths is the way we deliver our internal policies and prodcedures electronically. This was borne out when our Chief Operating Officer, Amanda, introduced various new policies and procedures. Our internal online wiki delivers the information in a way that minimises bureaucracy so that our staff can concentrate and work productively on stuff that really matters. I look forward to bringing you more interesting stories as your new Newsletter Editor! If you have a story you’d like published, drop me an email.

New PowerHealth Board Oversees Rapid Expansion

PowerHealth Solutions has appointed a new Board of Directors to provide high-level executive governance and control to ensure the company's continuing success as it enters a phase of rapid expansion. PowerHealth’s costing and billing systems are increasingly being adopted at the state and national level, with implementation at all public hospitals. In addition, the company is also venturing into new business areas such as ambulance services, as well as increasing international coverage. This represents a significant increase in the PowerHealth user base in a very short period. 
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HSS Expo

PowerHealth Solutions supported the HSS Patient Billing Program who exhibited and demonstrated the PowerBilling & Revenue Collection system at the NSW Health Support Services Expo in August, at the Sydney Convention Centre. The event showcased a sold-out exhibition hall with exhibitors representing both HSS internal projects and industry, alongside 29 expert speakers and panelists. Delegates were given an inside look into the latest advancements in shared service delivery across NSW Health.
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Finding a Price for Quality

Our very own Patrick Power and conference keynote speaker Dr Bill VanNess co-authored a paper that was published in the Health Advocate journal, discussing ways to improve the measures on which to fund hospital services. Back in 2005, a study at a leading Australian teaching hospital linked patient incident data with patient costing information, and yielded interesting results. However, it went no further as there was no funding component under the Australian Casemix reimbursement model that rewarded quality. While the 2011 COAG agreement outlines quality related healthcare reforms, it is not yet certain how Australian hospitals will manage quality. Will we follow the US policy which links a portion of a hospital’s reimbursement to quality based on Quality Indicators and Patient Satisfaction, hence linking funding to the quality of care? Community Hospital Anderson in the US provides insight into hospital performance efficiency by comparing average cost per adjusted discharge. The hospital’s performance in turn affects the amount of funding they get from Medicare, based on a “withhold” system. It is evident that the creation of the National Health Performance Authority (NHPA) should result in the introduction of rigorous performance indicators at a national level, which in principle should drive both health system quality and performance in Australia.

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