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New PowerHealth Board Oversees Rapid Expansion

13 September 2011

PowerHealth Solutions has appointed a new Board of Directors to provide high-level executive governance and control to ensure the company's continuing success as it enters a phase of rapid expansion.

PowerHealth’s costing and billing systems are increasingly being adopted at the state and national level, with implementation at all public hospitals. In addition, the company is also venturing into new business areas such as ambulance services, as well as increasing international coverage. This represents a significant increase in the PowerHealth user base in a very short period.

The new Board is among several key structural changes adopted to handle this rapid growth. Other initiatives include a new Chief Operations Officer, an in-house Human Resources section, new account manager roles and additional project managers to ensure all projects adhere to rigorous quality standards. Executive directors Patrick Power and Paul Venables welcome the new members to the Board — Chairman Daryl Stillwell, and non-executive directors Barry Smith and Nick Hakof.

Chairman Daryl Stillwell said, "This company is in excellent shape and the Board is privileged to provide governance and guidance through this exciting time."

Daryl Stillwell, Chairman 

Chairman Daryl Stillwell brings to PowerHealth Solutions his extensive skills in corporate governance, building business growth, strategic and corporate planning, leadership and management, organisational psychology and general management consulting. Currently the Managing Director of Stillwell Management Consultants Pty Ltd and Stillwell Select Recruitment, Daryl is highly experienced in executive search and selection, corporate development, organisational structuring, strategic development, organisational psychology and Board directorial responsibilities.

Barry Smith, Non-Executive Director 

Non-Executive Director Barry Smith brings to PowerHealth Solutions his experience in strategic planning, governance and risk management at a corporate level, as well as assisting businesses through the provision of market-oriented and practical financial advice. Barry is currently an Executive Director of Baron Partners Ltd, a licensed independent company that provides business advice about mergers and acquisitions, financing and restructuring, and strategic transaction advice.

Nick Hakof, Non-Executive Director 

Non-Executive Director Nick Hakof brings to PowerHealth Solutions a high level of leadership, strategic management skills, and a comprehensive understanding of the challenges facing the provision of healthcare services in Australia. Nick has an impressive array of past health leadership experience, including CEO of The Queen Elizabeth Hospital, General Manager of the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital (Sydney), Chief Executive Officer of the North Western Adelaide Health Service and Health Consulting Director of Coopers and Lybrand.


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