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Lucas Jones

The word for the first quarter of this year at PHS is "busy". Our new product PBRC-AE has launched, and we welcome our new customers in WA, NSW and Victoria. With more sites coming onboard for the remainder of the financial year and beyond, I think the word "busy" will be labelled upon every quarter this year! After a solid couple of years of growth, PHS is set for a fruitful year for company and customers alike. Along with my predictions for 2010, a quick Google of "predictions 2010" unveils some interesting ideas from a phychic. He predicts that quantum physicians will discover a way to generate electricity from water, a celebrity will be kidnapped and ransomed and Australia will win back the Ashes. The last one is a bit of a "gimme" isn't it. So heres to a prosperous 2010!

Outside the Boundaries

Announcing the launch of an exciting initiative where existing PHS customers can apply for free PHS resources to assist in the development of new and innovative applications using PHS products.
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OnDemand Revenue Cycle for MEDITECH

Paul Evans and Dave Anderson have been working had with latric Systems to introduce of OnDemand Revenue Cycle solutions to the MEDITECH community throughout North America. 
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Surfing the Waves at Middleton

Last October, on a lovely warm day, staff family and friends went for surfing lessons in Middleton Beach. Afterwards, we went to Bill's "shack" for a BBQ. Thanks for Tammy for organising this quartely activity.

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