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Lucas Jones

A Word from the Editor The new year and new issue of Power Points sees PHS growing and changing yet again. We wished Marilyn Monickam in PBRC Development all the best with the latest addition to her family. We said goodbye to the Angas St office, and of course, goodbye to 2008. However, we said hello to some new faces ― Frank Biedermann with his raft of experience in databases, as well as Lorraine Maguire and Rachel Walsh who bring a wealth of knowledge of billing procedures. And we said hello to the our new Gouger St office. With the new open-plan seating arrangement and broad windows, the spirit at PHS has been emboldened. And we welcome with open arms the year 2009 and all the new challenges it will bring us.

We are settled in!

PowerHealth Solutions head office staff have settled into the new office in Adelaide, on the first floor of the Cane Corner, in the China Town district. We will be holding an office warming party in May, and welcome all local customers and friends to join in the celebrations.
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NSW Costing Implementation Completed

PowerHealth Solutions has successfully completed the implementation of its costing software statewide across all the New South Wales 8 area health services. This was a major project as New South Wales is Australia's most populous state and has over 220 public hospitals providing health care services to their population of just under 7 million. 
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The Clipsal500 is Australia’s best major event, having been awarded the Qantas Australian Tourism Award for the fourth time in 2009. Adelaide was filled with over 16,000 visitors from interstate and overseas in Adelaide for the event, and restaurants and hotels across the city were booked out. Nigel del Fabbro spent a day at the Clipsal500 and had tremendous fun ― but he can tell you more in his own words …

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