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PowerPoints Newsletter — Mar 2007

Mar 2007

A Word from the Editor

Blimey, did anyone see Christmas and the New Year! The silly season seemed to go by so quickly if you blinked you would have missed it. I hope everyone had a fine old time over the holidays. I’m sure we are all well and truly back into the swing of things at work.

Firstly there has been a name change. The original name, Word G, was just a temporary name until we came up with a more sedate and proper name. Hence, Power Quarterly News. A name that more closely represents the journalistic integrity that the below words project. Yeah, right!

In fact I feel a competition coming on. I think we will have a Naming the Newsletter competition. I haven’t checked with the boss yet but we shall see what we can come up with as a prize. Patrick and Paul are usually pretty good with prizes. Details to follow in the June quarter issue.

It is an extremely busy time here at PHS with a lot of staff all over the world. We have:

  • Patrick in Dubai working for 4 months and with his entire family travelling with him as well!
  • Nigel Michell in Dubai and the UK for 3 weeks
  • Chris Maddock in Boston, USA for 5 weeks on a reporting project
  • Frank La Fratta in New Zealand for a couple of weeks
  • Brett Michael, Paul Venables and James Manna in Hong Kong for a week.

I’m exhausted just typing it let alone doing it.

As you will see in this edition we have not only been busy working on our products. We have thrown ourselves into some very worthwhile charity work. We have started to collect money for a sponsored child in Zambia and this is an ongoing project.

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