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PowerBilling & Revenue Collection is Going Mobile

This year our latest product release will create additional efficiencies and ensure your billing revenue is maximised.

We have recognised that the ability to capture services accurately at the time of consultations requires mobility.

We are therefore excited to announce that the first release of PBRC Mobile will shortly be available and will lead the way in simplifying mobile service capture to feed the PBRC automated billing process.

PBRC Mobile

How Will PBRC Mobile Benefit My Organisation?

  • Increase revenue by maximizing timely billing. A mixture of private / public billing can be lodged with ease minimising the chance of lost revenue in the event of financial class changes.

  • Improve cash flow by accelerating the billing process. Clinicians can easily approve services as they are raised either in PBRC Mobile or directly into PBRC.

  • Create efficiencies and ensure all services are captured and charged by avoiding redundant paperwork.

  • Develop accountability, traceability and audit functionality.


For more information on how PBRC can help your organisation contact PowerHealth.