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DrDoctor and PowerHealth Partnership Leads the Way to Improved Patient Experience

20 February 2019

LONDON, United Kingdom and ADELAIDE, Australia – The partnership between London based health systems developer DrDoctor, and Australian developer of market-leading health software, PowerHealth, promises to deliver an improved
end-to-end experience for NHS patients.

DrDoctor and PowerHealth have partnered to deliver an end-to-end outpatient management solution that supports patients and hospital
staff in the drive towards a digital NHS. The partnership has been formed to improve patient experience, offering a frictionless transition between prior, on-the-day and follow-up engagement.

The integration of scheduling and digital wayfinding technologies delivers a solution that allows patients to schedule, view and change outpatient appointments themselves through an online portal, find their way to hospital and navigate their way around the facility using defined location directional messaging and way-finding information. 

Founder of DrDoctor, Tom Whicher explained, “There’s a real complimentary fit between our two solutions, one that provides the ability for patients to seamlessly transition from home to hospital and make the whole journey flow a lot smoother."

Patrick Power, Managing Director of PowerHealth added, “The PowerHealth-DrDoctor synergy is clear. We are both focused on delivering healthcare solutions that remove unnecessary administration and allow better patient to clinical interaction.”

With a global emphasis on cost-effective, patient-centred innovation in modern healthcare, the opportunity exists for technology providers to create new tools that help to manage consumers’ behaviour and empower patients to improve their own actions.

Patrick Power said, “This is great example of how technology has no boundaries and how companies from across the globe can work together to deliver the most radical patient-facing solutions. This partnership will provide a cost-effective way for hospitals to reduce risks and improve efficiencies, as well as providing a seamless experience for patients.”

About PowerHealth

PowerHealth is a dynamic Australian software development company specialising in activity based costing, hospital billing and safety learning solutions for healthcare organisations. The company is a market leader in Australia and New Zealand, with international recognition in the Canada, Ireland, United States, United Kingdom, Hong Kong and the Middle East.

ISO 9001 quality-accredited since 2001, PowerHealth Solutions specialises in large scale implementations ― at public hospitals, State Health Departments, District Health Boards, and private hospitals. Implementation staff are highly skilled and experienced, ensuring that new systems are up and running quickly for a rapid return on investment.

About DrDoctor

DrDoctor helps hospitals to deliver patient facing digital solutions, so they can work in radically different ways. We help to automate the scheduling process, manage clinical risk and enable patients to take greater control over their care.

Based in London, DrDoctor are a team of 30, and are live in 11 Trusts across the UK. Our mission is to create a platform which catalyses technology-led change in hospitals and healthcare systems. We’re here to drive a fundamental shift in the quality and cost of delivering healthcare and enables new, more patient centric ways of working. We want to give providers the tools they need to deliver long term, high quality care. Now, and for the next generation.