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Datix Hotspots

Automate the detection of active issues throughout your organisation to enable proactive decision making

The Hotspots module operates as an active surveillance tool. It is designed to removes reliance upon manual detection of these problems, allowing managers to concentrate on investigating these issues and improving services to avoid them.

Identify areas where increased levels of incidents may be a cause for concern

Hotspot Agents are created to define what will constitute particular Hotspots, identifying areas of the organisation, types of incidents, complaints, claims or severity, which will trigger an active Hotspot.

Manage problems on an enterprise-wide level

The Hotspots module provides comprehensive analysis and surveillance across large and small organisations alike. Hotspot Agent creation and management is completed through a simple interface which allows for the administration of multiple active agents via a single Agent record.

Manage activity consistently

The activity management tools delivered across the Datix platform are available for Hotspots bringing consistency in management processes. Relevant staff are notified of a problem having been detected and are immediately able to view the events which have led to the creation of the Hotspot record.

Constant surveillance and real-time notification

The Hotspots module is constantly active, analysing incoming information against the criteria set in your Hotspot Agents. When a problem is identified and a Hotspot is triggered, notification is immediately sent to relevant staff.



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