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DatixWeb Complaint Handling & Management

Datix Complaint Handling and Management software provides the tools you need to respond promptly and effectively to complaints, generating correspondence and identifying areas where the quality of your service could be improved.

Datix lets you know when you need to reply to a patient, making sure that patients are always kept informed and helping you to meet your targets for response times. Deadlines for responding to a complaint are calculated and displayed on the screen when details are entered on Datix. When users log into Datix, they are immediately shown the complaints that are due a response on that day, and also those complaints that will be due a response in the next few days. Letters and memos are generated automatically when a response is due and stored with the details of the complaint.

Letters from complainants can also be scanned in and attached to a complaint. Datix can also interface with your e-mail system, allowing correspondence to be e-mailed directly from Datix and any replies to be filed with the complaint. This means you can easily refer back to correspondence at any time.

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