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About PowerHealth

Longevity | Innovation | Futuristic

Established in 1995, PowerHealth has been leading and innovating in business management, decision support and application integration solutions for hospitals and other healthcare enterprises for over 27 years.

PowerHealth is in a joint venture with Telstra Health, Australia’s largest eHealth company. Collectively, our digital health solutions help to solve some of the biggest challenges facing the health and aged care sectors globally.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help our healthcare clients deliver the highest quality care at the lowest operational costs.

We specialise in Costing & Revenue, Enterprise Billing, Safety & Quality, Budgeting and Wayfinding software for hospitals and other healthcare organisations. Our products support efficient billing, costing, incident management and improved patient experience, delivering a positive return on investment regardless of organisation size. 

Bringing Global Knowledge to Local Healthcare

PowerHealth has a strong and loyal client base in Australia, New Zealand and Hong Kong, with which we have had the privilege to grow and innovate. Our global client community now extends to Canada, Ireland, United States, England and the Middle East in State health departments, District Health Boards, as well as private and public hospitals.

The projects we implement require integration of many aspects of healthcare IT and we partner with management and consulting organisations around the world to bring a complete solution to our clients.

Thinking Ahead

At PowerHealth, we are known for our innovative approach to problem solving and helping our clients prepare and cater for their future needs in the health industry.

We are leaders in healthcare costing, billing, patient safety, budgeting and wayfinding solutions, and are at the forefront of medical software technology. From this foundation, and with the understanding, experience and knowledge of our team, we can safely predict future needs and position our technology to deliver further innovation.


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