Helping hospitals operate successfully as businesses, Bringing healthcare management into focus

Business improvement solutions for hospitals and other healthcare organisations through the use of innovative technology

  • Patient Billing — Solve long-standing hospital billing business issues with this enterprise-wide patient billing system.

  • Reporting — Monitor your business with KPI dashboards, electronically distributed reports and interactive analysis reporting. This out-of-the-box solution is loaded with health-specific reports, for an instant return-on-investment.

  • Patient Costing — Identify cost savings and improve clinical resource efficiencies. Easy to use with sophisticated costing using hospital-wide standard costing rules and exceptions.

  • Revenue — Identify Profit and Loss areas on the fly, without significant IT involvement. Analyze contract performance while managing contract terms and revenues, including the complexities of health fund negotiations.

  • Integration — Consolidate and streamline data from your disparate systems to build a coherent and accurate picture of the facts.

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